20 Years of German-Polish cooperation in ophthalmology


Prof. Anselm Jünemann and prof. Robert Rejdak started their cooperation in 1999. The ongoing common activities in research, education and clinical work reflects the sustainability of their longlasting Polish-German scientific cooperation. They conducted their research in the field of ophthalmology, pharmacology and neurology. So far, they have published 69 papers in high indexed, peer reviewed journals together.

Their research on the role of kynurenine pathway and neuroprotection in the eye to be their greatest scientific achievement with high impact on European science. Their research also contributed to neurodegeneration and pathogenesis in glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and especiall in ocular surgery.

In addition, they published more than 50 papers, 13 peer reviewed reviews and 16 papers without peer review. They continuously presented and discussed their research on national and international meetings (126 congress contributions). Due to a consequent organization of 16 symposia and courses, the international- wide highly recognized. Thus, they took part in the SOE-fellowship program with 4 German-Polish scientific cooperation is national-wide and fellowships. The cooperation achieved 3 awards so far, and is supported by 3 grants, the last grant starting in 2017.

The scientific cooperation is embedded into a clinical and scientific platform for German-Polish cooperation. The following aspects are important parts of this specific and unique cooperation: 1) Observership program: Exchange of young researchers and residents for clinics and research. 16 young residents and researchers took part in this exchange in Erlangen, Rostock and Lublin. 2) Tandem thesis: The scientific cooperation supports medical thesis. Three thesis have been completed, one thesis is ongoing since 2016. 3) Scientific Journal: To further the German-Polish scientific cooperation, Prof. Anselm Jünemann (editor-in-chief) and Prof Robert Rejdak (vice-editor) introduced a new international Journal named “Ophthalmology Journal” (Via Medica, Gdańsk, Poland) as a platform for young researchers.

In addition, since 2009, prof. Anselm Jünemann is a Visiting Professor at the Medical University of Lublin, first at the Department of General Ophthalmology, since 2014 at the English Devision of the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. His numerous visits in Lublin strengthened the cooperation between research groups in Erlangen, Rostock and Lublin. For his commitment to training and teaching young polish and international ophthalmologist and to research and clinical work prof. Jünemann received the University Medal of Medical University of Lublin in 2015.


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