It all depends on people, their scope of creativity and potential


Polish-Emirati business, trade and scientific relations fully support this notion. For many years now cooperation between the two partners has been dynamically developing, but in recent years it has even accelerated – all thanks to valuable initiatives undertaken by Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster. Involvement of many people in authority, be it political, cultural, sport-, culture- or tourism-related, brings tangible effects.  They were summarized during the official Gala „Dinner Innovation” which took place during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its Independence.

During the Polish-Emirati Gala, which was organized  in Warsaw-based restaurant AleGloria, president of the EEBD Cluster, Mr. Abdelkhaliq Alawadhi Gargash, recalled two one-of-a-kind events: the centenary of both Poland regaining Independence and of birth of HH Sheikh Zayed, founder of the United Arab Emirates – the biggest economic and trade partner across the Persian Gulf. President Gargash said that “the effects of our activities are best portrayed by the numerous agreements signed in various matters between partners from Poland and the United Arab Emirates”. The development of business relationships are reflected by the trade exchange between our countries, which amount to USD 200 billion, including Polish exports recently reaching the value of USD 230 million. Last year’s Emirati exports to Poland constituted nearly USD 230 billion. The goal is not only to increase the trade volume, but also to attract investments on both sides. It is worth noting that the market of the UAE connects the markets of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. EEBD Cluster offers special incentives for investors from these regions.

After the publication of the UN report it transpired that the UAE were among the countries investing the most in the areas of renewable energy sources, technology-driven industries, as well as tourism.

National achievements were described by government officials and entrepreneurs, who effectively cooperate with partners from the Arabian Peninsula. They shared thoughts about  their business success and their know-how in newest technological solutions in respective branches. 

The official Gala constituted the Polish-Emirati Days’ crowning finale during which the senator MrAndrzej Stanisławek, as well as hosts from EEBD Cluster honoured the United Arab Emirates Ambassador, Mr. Yousifa Eisa Bin Hassan Al Sabri, and the president of EEBD Cluster, Mr.  Abdelkhaliq Gargash. They received awards which showcased the effects of the long standing cooperation between the two countries.

The Third Edition of „Leaders of Innovation – Innovation Awards”, which is a part of the pioneering programme of the EEBD Cluster, rewarded five winners with prestigious prizes. During the competition companies, local governments and individuals having made substantial efforts in development and promotion of innovative technologies were honored.

Statues of „Leaders of Innovation – Innovation were granted to:

  • Katarzyna Gruszecka – Spychała– Vice President of the city of Gdynia for the most dynamically developing city.
  • Marvipol Development SA–for the luxurious Uniqe Tower project built in Warsaw
  • Lemon&Orange– for the 360 VR Driving Platform
  • Krzysztof Skiba, Skoff– for the infrastrutural lamp ICity ,
  • Taras Tyżyk, Dacpol– for innovative testers measuring the power of semi-conductors

The finale of the Gala was a surpsise to all, as Mrs. Ewelina Marciniak, winner of many song contests, entered the stage with dazzling songs.

autor Jolanta Czudak, tłumaczenie Anna Sutkowska


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