Update in ophthalmology – 7th Ophthalmology Journal Conference in Lublin, Poland 


The latest trends and developments in the field of eye surgery, modern diagnostics, treatment methods for macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome therapy and pre- and post-operative care will be discussed at the 7th Ophthalmology Journal Conference – News in Ophthalmology. The two-day proceedings, which begin on 10 February at the Lublin Congress Centre, will be attended by eminent specialists and experts from 10 countries around the world, who will share their knowledge and experience with the participants.

The patron of the conference, organised with the participation of the Association of Polish Ophthalmic Surgeons, is ESASO – the European School of Ophthalmology in Lugano, Switzerland, which has been developing its activities in Lublin for several years.

– Traditionally, our conference is addressed to a wide range of practising ophthalmologists who deal with eye surgery, but some of the lectures will also be addressed to residents who are just starting their careers, informs Prof. Robert Rejdak, MD, chairman of the Conference Scientific Committee and president of SCOP at the same time. – Eye surgery is one of the leading developments in modern ophthalmology. Every year, we observe the enormous technological progress that is being made in this field. The same is true for diagnostics, ophthalmic treatment methods and pre- and post-operative care. All these developments will be discussed among the best specialists from Poland and abroad, including Germany, the UK, Italy, Greece and South America – Argentina and Chile. Guests from Ukraine will also participate in the conference. We are planning a number of thematic sessions on the entire spectrum of ophthalmology and innovative developments in the field. We are looking forward to a lecture by Prof Axel Pecold from London, who will be speaking about innovations in the classification and treatment of optic neuritis.

Issues relating to drug programmes, including new aspects of treating macular disease, will occupy a very important place in these deliberations. There are also high hopes for the ESASO session, during which an international group of experts will discuss the latest trends in ophthalmic surgery, adds Prof. Rejdak

Attendance at the conference will be confirmed by a personal electronic certificate and will provide the basis for receiving educational credits.

Details of how to participate in the conference are available at www.okulistyka.viamedica.pl.


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