Prof. Ashraf Armia – creator of The Global Keratoconus School


The Global Keratoconus School is an idea that was born in my mind, as I have been involved in corneal diagnosis and treatment for more than 20 years, explains Prof. Ashraf Armia, national consultant in ophthalmic surgery in Egypt. – I believe that screening patients for corneal eye diseases should be more frequent worldwide.

I wondered how to support the development of refractive eye surgery globally and how to raise awareness about cornea. That’s how the idea of a Global Keratoconus School

was born, which is all about teaching everything that can help treat the cornea in a clinical and practical way. This should be a didactic curriculum combined with practice in this campaign, based on a national school with centers around the world. Lecturers at the various centers should be experts in refractive surgery, especially those specializing in subcategories.

This will create the next generation of experts in corneal treatment, an important specialty in ophthalmology. 

The Global Keratoconus School aims to raise awareness of early detection, diagnosis and proper treatment planning for patients. We will also focus on collecting and creating a global knowledge base to help Artificial Intelligence, new technologies and nanotechnologies further develop the field, and create a team of experts to educate and disseminate knowledge around the world. We will successively announce the opening dates of these schools in each country so that interested parties can learn about them.

The goal of the Global Keratoconus School is also to improve the health of patients in each of these countries, and this is what will help refractive surgery in proper screening and early detection. This, in turn, will help prevent patients with developing corneal diseases from becoming disabled, and prevent ignoring or making the wrong diagnosis, inadequate treatment and lack of rehabilitation. This is what the Global Keratoconus School means.

I am very happy that we have been able to cooperate with Professor Robert Rejdak, head of the Department of General Surgery at the Lublin Medical University, and his team. Professor Rejdak is a man of great heart and broad horizons for the future, who wants to spread knowledge about the treatment of the cornea of the eye in Poland. We also want to involve Ukraine in our activities.

I hope that this idea will spread around the world. In Poland, which is part of the European Union, perhaps it will develop even faster than in other European countries.

We are about to start our project in Argentina. I’m also very hopeful and looking forward to starting the project in North Africa and the Middle East, which are facing a large number of corneal disease cases. It may only take one day to raise awareness and prevent corneal diseases.

The professor’s statement was compiled by Magdalena Gawlik


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