Visiting Professor Robert Rejdak inaugurated the proceedings of the 48th SOSI Congress in Palermo


Italian ophthalmologists have gathered in Palermo for the 48th congress of the Sicilian Society of Ophthalmology (SOSI), with some 300 participants. The three-day proceedings were inaugurated on April 11 with an honorary lecture by Visiting Professor Robert Rejdak, who has held the position at the university’s Department of Ophthalmology in Palermo since April 8. He is the first Polish ophthalmologist in Italy to be entrusted with this prestigious role.

The lecture by Professor Robert Rejdak, head of the Department of General and Pediatric Ophthalmology and pro-rector of the Medical University of Lublin, on the treatment of severe complications and injuries of the eye and was a simultaneous recommendation of the therapeutic methods used. A Visiting Professor at the University’s Department of Ophthalmology in Palermo, he presented current knowledge on the treatment of eye diseases and shared his expert experience in this field.

The congress of the Sicilian Ophthalmological Society is dedicated to pediatric ophthalmology, prevention of diseases that can occur at birth, lacrimal duct stenosis, congenital cataracts, congenital glaucoma, refractive defects and low vision, among others. Professor Robert Rejdak is an outstanding specialist in surgery and treatment of these serious conditions.

The inaugural lecture was very well received. The latest techniques and therapies for severe eye complications and injuries were discussed during a substantive discussion. It was also the culmination of the Visiting Professor’s first week at the University of Palermo.

-My stay began with a series of seminars and lectures for doctors specializing in ophthalmology. Residents in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Palermo, headed by Professor Vincenza Bonfiglio, very actively participated in these classes,” reports Professor Robert Rejdak. – The program was extremely busy. For several days I conducted intensive seminars and exercises for these students of ophthalmology.

The group of young doctors was very open to all the novelties in eye surgery and therapy. They absorbed with great interest the knowledge passed on to them by Prof. Robert Rejdak. The methods of treating eye diseases in Poland are at the highest world level.  The University Ophthalmology Clinic in Lublin has been conducting multifaceted clinical, scientific and didactic cooperation with numerous ophthalmology centers throughout Europe.

– I owe my assumption of the position of Visiting Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Palermo to my long-standing scientific and clinical collaboration with Prof. Bonfiglio, stresses Prof. Rejdak. – During my stay, I also made contact with the director of the nervous system research department, which, unlike the Polish system, oversees the activities of the ophthalmology, neurology neurosurgery and physiology clinics. It was a mutually interesting meeting. I also had a conversation with the rector of the University about strengthening our cooperation even further. In June, the rector of the Medical University of Lublin, Prof. Wojciech Załuska, will visit Palermo on this matter.

From the right: prof. Alfredo Reibaldi, prof. Teresio Avitabile, prof. Vincenza Bonfiglio, prof. Mario Toro

Prof. Rejdak assured that he also greatly values the cooperation with Prof. Teresio Avitabile from the Department of Ophthalmology at the Medical University of Catania, who is a great authority in the field of Italian, European and world ophthalmology. – Participation in the 48th Congress of the Sicilian Society of Ophthalmology (SOSI) in Palermo further strengthens our contacts and heralds further joint research work in the field of drug therapies, among others, concluded the Visiting Professor at the University of Palermo. (JC)


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