We are what we drink


According to Bion Institute of Slovenia and it’s biologist -scientist Igor Jerman and his studies on water ‘ We are  what we drink’.  It matters, because water can be impressed with molecular information. He  was always interested in possibilities to influence water by molecular information but the institute also has researched how information can be captured in, stored in water and then transferred to organisms, and have biological effects on them.

Later they have studied water  systems, and how water can be influence human organisms, bacteria, plants etc. After many experiments and researches they have focused on impressing water with electronic means (they used also pharmaceutical substances, chemicals like magnesium sulphate). They came into conclusion that water can be impressed by means of special electric fields , magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields or  electromagnetic fields with certain substances that would be impressed by them. Than they were able to see the effects of this water, that can be similar to substances themselves when sometimes these organisms are exposed to molecular information. It would sometimes react in opposite manner from the reaction to original substance and this is called homeopathic reaction.

Carried research let them to conclude that water that is clustered , or destilled can remember information for long time (few days rather than seconds) and can be structured.

That’s why the sentence: WE ARE WHAT WE DRINK makes sense

Human beings are living organisms and by drinking water are allowing certain information that comes with it to be transferred to our cells.

At this point, I wish to explain why I find it important. Human body is made of 12 systems, systems are made of organs, organs are made of tissues and tissues are made of cells. If quality of water is poor or has lower charge our body usually needs a lot of energy to transfer water to our cells. When we drink structured water , similar to structure of water that is in our cells, than we don’t loose that much energy. Water charge also matters and the good for our cells is from -50 ml Volts and higher . Most of the time taped water or bottled one has opposite charge , + charge, and than our body wastes so much energy , plus we don’t want to drink more because our body will reject it.

Coral Club Company’s mission is to Hydrate the World by using natural pocket filter Coral Mine/Coral Sango from island of Okinawa in Japan. Coral Sango is a specific coral that grows in waters of Okinawa for millions of years and stored information about ecology, environment in itself. According to legends of Okinawa people once it will save the world.

According to test that were carried on in Bion Institute in Slovenia, Coral Mine when added to water will work by enhancing and structuring of water, ordering of water , while at the same time it will also work as subtlefields (or biofields) in the same direction of enhancing it’s order and influencing human health in beneficial way.

To conclude ‘ We are what we drink’, because water is not only the chemical composition of H20 but also ordering water is very important and will have impact on our Health.

Coral Club company is on the market for more than 20 years and promotes healthy lifestyle. It does not use its products in medical treatment. 4 steps are the main tool in so called CONCEPT OF HEALTH. First step Is cellular hydration. Remaining steps are Detox, Nutrition and Protection of  Immunity System. You can find out more about Concept of Health by participating in ONLINE FORUM that is an annual event of the company and it  will take place on 11/7/20 and it will last 2 days. Main guests will be dr, professors Olga and Vladimir Podhomotnikov and dr Olga Butakova. You will be able to find out more about Coral Club business opportunities. If you wish to register you would need to become Coral Club member and by clicking on: https://pl.coral-club.com/registration/?REF_CODE=280946262960 .That will not only allow you to participate in FORUM  (after  paying 23$ ), but you will also have access to Coral Club products at the discounted rate -20% that is available to all club members. Additionally you will receive free consultation. You can contact me directly via Instagram : @aniatrusewicz, What’sApp : 07816960583, and e-mail: truania@yandex.ru. I am not organisator of this Forum – I am a participant and you can be too. All information about FORUM is available below: https://foresightforum.coral-club.com/en/.

I am at your disposal     Anna Trusewicz     e-mail: truania@yandex.ru


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